Brain, body, nature

Yesterday I received a message from someone of which read in-part,

‘I’m really claustrophobic, but only because there’s too much going on in my head to fit into small places.’


It was such a poetic description of something that person wasn’t sure anyone else would understand.

I understood. I felt it deeply.

When we let our brain do all the thinking, it will quickly take on the weight of the world.

It will throw us off balance because we become too top heavy.

Really, there should be nothing to fear about small spaces.

A settled mind can find peace on a crowded train, tube, or bus.

But, how does one make space in the mind to allow room for the quiet enjoyment of simply being?

Recently, I’ve been learning that we have to recognise our brain makes up only a small fraction of our Self.

What this means is that we can learn to listen to the rest of our body as much as we do our brain.

When we think of our bodies as an extension of the mind, suddenly we open up room for all the things currently crammed in our head.

Learning to think with the body also offers up a different perspective.

It grounds us in our feelings, leading to more authentic thought.

After all, we feel from the body not from the brain.

Once we understand this we can go one step further…

As our body is an extension of our brain, so is nature an extension of our body.

Learning to think and feel in and even through our natural surroundings opens up infinite space to process all the thoughts that are currently caged inside our heads.

Spending time outside and in nature is the answer.

I know this to be true because it is exactly what I do.

I’m writing this outside in nature.

The air is quiet, bird song all around me and the distant hum of Bristol City in the distance.

The sunrise is peeking over the horizon behind me allowing just enough light to make out the ink on this page in my journal.

My thoughts and feelings are at one with my surroundings and the few uncomfortable thoughts in my head, I have written down here in this journal and explored – with the help of the serenity of my surroundings – why they make me feel the way they do.

Right now, I am far from claustrophobic.

I am energised by the vast expanse of my Self.

Brain, body, nature and everything in-between.