A hilly oasis

I feel good this morning. I’m filled with positive energy.

Yesterday, I saw a physio called Laura to seek help with my shin splints and it turns out the issue stems from my feet.

Laura corrected my wonky feet with athlete tape and instructed me to go for a run and report back.

I ran my fastest ever 10K, it was wild.

I’m grateful for Laura’s knowledge and enthusiasm. It’s helped me feel confident about getting back to training.

Troopers Hill, where I’m sitting now is such a good place to come and think.

There’s so much to look at.

Sprawling houses sit completely still poking out from between leafy green trees.

Inside, people beginning to wake up.

The time is 06:34.

The city in the distance looks imposing, but so to cause distress. It look purposeful and proud.

Centuries of history radiating from within its limits.

The landscape surrounding me is perhaps the oddest.

A hilly oasis timing with wildlife, once upon a time an important quarry.

Right now, there’s no one here but me with my commanding view of Bristol.

I always feel grateful to have these early morning experiences.

It really is so good for the mind.

I’m learning how to slow down in general. To be content with peace and quiet.

We don’t appreciate just how fleeting these moments can be.

Soon, I’ll have to start thinking about the day ahead, but for a few more precious minutes I can exist purely in the moment. Watching the clouds steadily drift overhead, the birds below singing their morning song.

An exclusive symphony, re-written every day.

It’s so easy to be present in a place like this.