The darkness

I ventured out before any semblance of light this morning.

It doesn’t feel quite right yet for darkness to be encroaching on our days.

I wonder how it will affect my mood and mental health in the weeks and months to come.

The darkness makes the morning feel somehow more still.

I can hear the usual dawn chorus, surround-sound and hopeful, slightly more acute as my hearing is in charge of my senses.

I’m grateful for these early mornings, whether in daylight or darkness.

The hour or so I spend sitting, listening, reflecting and writing has become a driving force behind my desire to grow.

Yesterday, I shot some footage documenting my morning.

I’m cutting it together to tell a short story.

I think the narration will likely come from these pages.

My aim is simply to present my experience. The sounds, the scenery, the people who pass by as they go about their morning.

I’ll have to see how it turns out.