No days off

I’m struggling and feel out of practise.

It really doesn’t take much to be thrown off course.

If anything, it goes to show just how important it is to be consistent.

No days off.

I’m videoing myself as I’m writing this morning.

I have an idea for a short film I’m messing around with.

Really it’s just a way to test my creativity and it will probably be shit, but that’s fine.

I think I’m just searching for creative outlets. I need them to feel purpose.

I’m feeling pretty good today. I was pleased with how easily I managed to get out of bed at 05:15.

I have a busy week ahead and need to stay focused – something I actually managed yesterday.

I felt like I harnessed my meds instead of getting run over by them.

I must remember today that I am in control.

I’m still finding my feet in my new leadership role at work.

Not so much with the leadership part, that comes naturally.

More the ‘authority’ side of things.

I’m just not used to a corporate environment.

That’s ok.

I’m grateful for this opportunity to learn how to grow in a new, unfamiliar space.