ADHD brain (poem)

I want to be inspired,

By everything I see,

I look for meaning all around me,

no matter how insignificant it seems,

Sometimes that means I take on too much,

And my mind will just retreat,

Which causes me to fixate,

On what my mind retreating means,

I’ll sit and stew for hours,

Make up an imaginary defeat,

What’s the point in trying,

To be a better me,

What a useless question,

Snap out of it, just breathe,

Remember, there’s no deadline,

To get to where you want to be,

You’re doing something awesome,

just by living to your own beat,

Sometimes you’ll lose the rhythm,

Have a wobble, drag your feet,

Just remember, you have got this,

You’re in control of your journey,

Regain the rhythm, pick up your feet,

Your beat, your destiny.