Winds of change

Yesterday’s wild weather continued into the night.

This morning when I arrived at my current writing spot in the park I was surprised to see two tree had fallen in the high winds overnight.

At first it was jarring.

I was used to the landscape as it was before.

One of the fallen tree was somewhere I’d seen the heron perch.

My attention shifted to his wellbeing.

Of course, the heron was fine. He was perched among the ducks further along the lake.

It’s interesting… had the wind not felled the trees, I would have sat in my usual spot.

But instead my curiosity led me around the lake for a better view and to mull over the whereabouts of the heron.

The place I ended up happened to be in sight of him so I knew he was ok.

Now I find myself sitting in a new spot with a new view and new thoughts.

It feels slightly odd.

I’m not sure why.