Changing seasons?

The squirrels are more active than usual this morning.

I can’t help but feel autumn in the air.

Even the ducks are acting strangely, marching through the grass away from the lake.

What do the animals know that we don’t?

They sense subtle changes in the seasons much easier than us humans, it’s part of their survival.

What are their cues?

How do the squirrels know it’s time to start collecting nuts?

Perhaps that’s not my concern. It’s out of my control.

Instead of trying to understand squirrels I should instead appreciate their industrious nature and acknowledge their activity as an early sign of change in the air.

It’s dark now when I wake up each morning. I’ll be sad to lose the light for these early writing sessions.

I’m not sure what I’ll do but as long as I remain present, in one way or another, I’ll be fine.

I wonder where the heron is this morning.

It’s rare I actually see him, but I feel like he’s close by.

Perhaps hidden on the island in the middle of the lake.

I have quite a lot to do today.

It’s important I try and stick to my to do list and actually get things done.

If the squirrels can stay on task, so can I.

I’ve been presented with such a great opportunity and I owe it to myself to stay focused.

I’m in a leadership position now and good leaders put in the work.