A new kind of sunrise

I’m feeling energised this morning.

As soon as I saw the dark sky turning blue I was eager to get outside.

I walked at pace down my road towards the park, eyes fixed firmly on the highest leaves of the trees flirting with the sunlight.

I crossed the road, shoes met wet grass, looked east and – boom – there it was.

Cascading over rooftops in the distance, distorted by by tree trunks, but powerfully present.

It’s own shade of orange; a palette which painters must struggle to perfect.

Honestly, It was a rush.

I’ve seen the sunrise plenty of times but this morning felt unique.

As though I was privileged to witness it.

In my own way, on my own terms. In control of the moment yet powerfully powerless – whatever that means.

Sometimes there’s no need to get caught up in meaning.

Just focus on the moment and realise any expectation.

Allow yourself to just exist.

Once the moment passes, which it will, let it go.

Embrace the feeling left behind and go about your day.