Lesson from a Heron

It’s raining this morning. I almost didn’t come outside.

But then I remembered that it’s only rain, it’s actually quite nice.

I’m sitting under the cover of a big tree close to the lake,

watching the ducks and our local heron go about their morning.

It’s easy to allow the rain to dampen your spirits.

But, really we share more in common with the rain than we realise. It’s just a matter of perspective.

After all, we’re both made mostly of water.

The sound of rain brings comfort. The smell of rain, nostalgia.

The sensation of rain can be uniquely energising under the right circumstances.

Why does the heron over there not take shelter in the rain? Instead he’s perching on a log in the middle of the lake.

Perhaps by standing still he can conserve energy and retain the warmth trapped under his feathers.

Maybe he doesn’t know that beneath the canopy of a tree he can find shelter.

Perhaps he just enjoys the rain?

I think that to our friend the heron the rain really is no different to the sun.

It comes, it goes, but its inevitability is permanent.

I believe the heron knows that it’s better to find harmony with that which we can’t control so we can free our minds to focus on living in the moment.

After all, it’s just a matter of perspective.