Sun (unfinished poem)

Turn up the saturation, sun,

To brighten up my day,

I’m aware that it’s still early,

But I’m feeling slightly grey,

Climb over the horizon,

Bathe me in your rays,

I know that you can do it,

At least you did it yesterday,

I like the way the trees look,

As you unchain them from the shade,

A vibrant mix of gold and green,

On temporary display,

I think the squirrels like it too,

You illuminate their stage,

Hurry up and spotlight me,

I haven’t got all day,

You’re really on the move now sun,

Chasing night away,

Gently tapping people windows,

Nudging them awake,

It’s kind of you to do that,

Without ever a complaint,

If there’s something I can do for you,

You only have to say