A lack of inspiration

I can’t think what to write today.

I got up early, it’s a Monday.

I took a stroll just like I always do.

I like to catch the sunlight as it peers over the horizon, it’s nice to watch the blue sky turn a brighter shade of blue.

My favourite spot to sit and write was busy.

Someone was drawing smiley faces high up in the sky and a victory of balloons were floating proudly over Bristol.

I stood and watched in silence as is the proper thing to do.

But I came outside to write because my head is full of thoughts, which need decanting onto paper or else I’ll just keep thinking about nothing in-particular, but I said earlier it’s Monday which means I have things to do.

Right, sit down, book out.

Find some inspiration.

Fuck, I’ve got nothing.

I’ll try again tomorrow, perhaps I’ll think of something new.