Wasted (song idea)

I’m alone standing on the precipice,

I hear my phone ringing, ringing, reach out to me,

I don’t know, the wind blows cold and I can’t see,

I’m wasted.

The city sleeps,

I walk the streets unconsciously,

I should go home, but it doesn’t feel like home to me,

I check my phone, the clock tells me it’s half past 3,

I’m wasted.

Sunrise comes, it offers respite from eternity,

I check my phone, a sea of missed calls welcomes me,

Once again, I fucked up and I’m so sorry,

I was wasted.


I’m searching for answers but it’s dark in my mind,

I wish someone would tell me things will be alright,

But they won’t because I’m all on my own.

I’m searching for answers but all I feel is pain,

From the anguish I numb out with booze and cocaine,

Tell me why did I end up this way.